Is This How A Digital Big Ben Would Look?

15 July 2015

Big Ben is one of Britain’s biggest and best tourist attractions, known around the world for its classic look and iconic clock-face. Not to mention it’s appearance in hundreds of films. Have you ever wondered how it would look if it was digitalised in the 21st century? We have. Read more

How to create the perfect summer make-up base

10 July 2015

Summer is officially here, and for the majority of us ladies that means switching up our makeup routine. We say goodbye to the smoky eye and we opt for a lighter, more natural summer look. We thought it would be fun to share our perfect summer make-up base on our YouTube channel, Voucher Codes Pro, so you guys can check it out. Read more

International Joke Day Competition

30 June 2015

It’s International joke day! And in honour of this we are inviting our followers from Twitter and Facebook to share a bad joke with us to be in with a chance of winning either a crate of beer or case of wine. We want to hear the jokes that make you laugh time after time and that you love to tell. Read more

Famous War Time Start-Ups

25 June 2015

McDonalds, IKEA and JCP are all household names, but did you know that they were started during the War? Not many do. In truth, many of our favourite businesses were inspired by and started during the war. It’s a little known fact, but many of our favourite businesses were key role players during the War. Read more

30 Day Survival Guide for the Summer Holidays

23 June 2015

The summer holidays are, without doubt, the best time of year for children. The whole summer stretches ahead of them in an endless promise of fun, frolics and ice cream. Six weeks seems like a lifetime when you’re little. Parents on the other hand, have a harder time. Although it is undeniably wonderful to have the rabble home, it can become increasingly difficult to keep them thoroughly entertained as July gives way to August and September approaches. To lend a hand to parents everywhere, we have composed a kind of summer cheat sheet. Containing fun activities all children will relish, with a little luck mum and dad will have a blast too. A trip to Hobbycraft will usually provide you with all the tools you need in order to get things started. Read more

Is This What Kimye's Baby Boy Will Look Like?

23 June 2015

The A-list couple have been busy again, this time with the announcement of another sprog! Their first celebrity baby was a little girl, adorably named North West. It has now been revealed that Kimye are expecting a baby boy. Here's what we expect it to look like! Read more

Is This How a Google Games Console Would Look?

11 June 2015

With the way technology is moving forward, different companies are expanding their products and are moving into brand new territory. Every year we are given a whole bunch of new products to cast our mind with and let our imagination run wild. Google are arguably the world’s biggest technology company and in recent years have expanded their reach. Best known for their search engine, the American giant has cast it’s net further afield in recent years, buying Android and introducing the likes of Chromecast and the Chromebook. Read more

Average Briton Spends Almost £70k on Pets in Adult Lifetime

05 June 2015

New research from a money saving website in the UK suggests that the average Briton will spend almost £70,000 on keeping pets in their adult lifetime. Furthermore, those with dogs spend the most on their pets each year, followed by the owners of cats and then rabbits. According to a study carried out in the UK, Britons spend an average of £69,420 in their lifetime owning and looking after their pets. Of those polled, dog owners were revealed to spend the most money on their pets, with an average expenditure of £20,900 per dog over the course of its lifetime. Read more

Sweet BBQ Treats - Video Tutorial

04 June 2015

As part of our #SummersComing campaign we put together a perfect summer treat video. Not only can you cook your classic burgers and sausages on the BBQ but you can also make some delicious sweet treats on it too! Read more

Majority of Women Have Had a Sexual Experience With Another Woman

04 June 2015

New research by VoucherCodesPro has revealed that the majority of women in the UK have had a sexual experience with another woman. Furthermore, 59% of these revealed that they were in a relationship. Read more