Smartphones for that special someone this Valentine’s Day


By Jack Langley


The UK loves smartphones with huge increases in sales across all the major smartphone Operating Systems (Windows Phone, iOS, Android) creating a large market sector with the potential for fantastic details and more and more manufacturers compete.

If your parent has been longing for a new smart phone then Valentine’s Day is a great way of surprising them. Maybe they have been hinting at a specific model or have mentioned they want something Android or Windows based. Either way eXpansys have got you covered with excellent prices on brand new, fully unlocked smart phone devices.

We’ll be taking a look at some excellent sub £200 mobile devices, as you’re getting a good variety of performance, styles and specifications without breaking the bank. All of these phones are also brand new and fully unlocked as mentioned, which means your partner can use any sim and tariff plan they desire giving them full control.

The HTC 8X is a flagship top-end Windows Phone 8 smartphone that has seen some deep price cuts in the last year or so. It’s still the king of the WP8 devices though, with a nippy dual core processor and an impossibly sleek design that appears polar opposite to Nokia’s more bulky Lumia offerings whilst giving the same performance.

You’re getting some solid specifications here for the money. 16 GBs of internal storage and 1 GB Ram, a 1.5GHZ dual core CPU, Audio enhanced with Beats by Dre drivers for clear and thumping sound as well as Gorilla Glass 2 for toughness. The whole phone is coated in a pleasant soft touch plastic that evokes a premium feel too.

Full 1080p video recording is also supported and there’s even a front facing camera that boasts a higher resolution than almost any other phone out there, making those selfie shots even prettier.


Windows Phone 8 is incredibly simple and easy to use, making it perfect for smartphone newcomers. It’s also built entirely around social media, with big social notifications to your Twitter and Facebook applications, which are seamlessly integrated into this phone.

At £166.99 you’re getting a flagship market phone for budget device money at eXpansys. A frankly stunning deal and highly recommended!

This next phone is really rather special. The Motorola RAZRi brings back its bestselling series with fantastic results. A full edge-to-edge AMOLED HD screen is an absolutely joy on the senses with incredibly sharp visuals and pixel density.

Powering this phone is a very unique Intel inside processor, delivering incredible performance whilst keep the battery consumption lower than competitors from other cpu brands such as nVidia and Qualcomm.

A Kevlar backing gives this phone an incredibly high end and premium feel and the strong 8MP camera gives this phone some serious imagery credentials too. The whole style of this device is quite a head-turner; there’s nothing quite like this on the market and that in itself is a plus.

Motorola RAZRi

Finally the Google Android Operating System gives you access to over a million apps and games from the Play store and the OS is fully customisable to the user’s needs. Perfect if your partner loves having their own individual style.

At under £200 this is a top bargain for such a high end phone. Motorola did themselves proud with this phone. Not only does it sport great specifications but it also looks and feels premium too thanks to its high end and durable materials.

Lastly we take a look at the Archos 50 Platinum. This phone has it all when it comes to stacking up against the smartphone elite; a mighty quad-core processor, 5 inch HD display and the latest Google Android Operating System software combine to create a high end performer for half the price of rivals.

The design is contemporary and fits the mould of current smartphone lines perfectly with its curved edges and plastic shell construction. It sort of reminds me of efforts from Samsung, but of course at this price the Archos is a much more attractive proposition.

Archos Platinum 50 quad-core phone

Like the RAZR the OS can be fully customised to your partner’s tastes thanks to the Google Play Store and all in all this phone will handle absolutely every app you throw at it. It’s also future proof as quad-core processors look set to stick around in the mobile space for at least another 3-5 years.

This phone, like the RAZR is under £200; this phone is also fully unlocked which really shows the immense value here, as unlocked phones usually have a hefty premium on them!

These great savings and more can be found on eXpansys. These 3 devices I have picked out will make wonderful Valentine’s gifts for a loved one this year, especially if they have been dropping hints!

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