How Frugal Are You?

We polled a total of 9,600 people - 800 from each of the 12 regions (these regions include; Scotland, the North East, the North West, Yorkshire and Humber, the West Midlands, the East Midlands, the South West, London, the East of England, Wales and Northern Ireland). This poll was conducted over 6 month period.

On the map you can see the average frugality of each region by clicking on the different regions.

The questions below the map are the ones they were asked.

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UK Frugality Index

0 - 15: Frugal Failure
16 - 30: Frugally Fine
31 - 45: Frugally Fabulous

Below are the questions. You may also have a go and see how frugal you are!

1. How often are you likely to check for any available vouchers or discount codes before making a purchase online or in-store?

2. How often do you shop in 'budget' stores in the UK? (Aldi, Lidl, Poundland, B&M etc)

3. Approximately how often are you able to set money aside as savings?

4. When shopping, how loyal to brands and labels would you consider yourself to be?

5. Taking into account all online, charity shop, car boot or auction purchases, approximately how many second-hand items have you purchased in the past year?