The Ultimate Friends TV Show Quiz

So you consider yourself the biggest Friends Fan ever?!?! To help celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first episode of Friends, we have put our heads together and come up with 10 questions about Monica, Ross, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Rachel that will test your Friends knowledge to the limit!

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Q 1. What was the name of Joey’s favourite cuddly toy (his bedtime penguin pal)?

Q 2. Which of these foods is Ross NOT allergic to?

Q 3. Thanks to a fake picture given to her by her grandmother, who did Phoebe think was her grandfather?

Q 4. Who is the only person not to marry throughout the entire duration of the show?

Q 5. At the end of season 4 “The one with Ross’s wedding Part 2” The gang travel to London for the big day, Joey and Chandler decide to do some sightseeing! Which famous face is selling souvenir hats outside Westminster Abby!

Q 6. We all know the show ran for ten unforgettable seasons but how many episode’s were there in total?

Q 7. What is the name of Rachel’s mother?

Q 8. We all know that Ross and Rachel have shared a kiss and that Monica and Chandler have played tonsil tennis on more than one occasion, in fact most of the gang have given each other a smooch at some point or another, but which pair have never kissed?

Q 9. Which popular English actress from the show Cold Feet became Ross’s second wife for a short time?

Q 10. What was the last ever line of the show?

You have done the quiz, now for some background information on our favourite TV show that was ever made.

Friends has been around for over 20 years now. It is the perfect show for weekend slobbing about with a hangover, for cheering yourself up after a tough day, or late night viewing after going out.

Everyone has a favourite character. From Monica and her over the top cleaning and slightly neurotic ways, Rachel and her quest to get her life on track and find the right guy, the eccentric singing sensation that was Phoebe, through to the guys, Ross, the dinosaur nerd and serial Groom, Chandler and his funny one liners, and who could forget Joey, the man’s man who was maybe lacking in the brains department.

Friends had something for everyone and you can understand why it quickly became a global sensation that was translated into over 50 languages world-wide. The show lasted for 10 seasons and made the cast multi-millionaires as well as household names.

The first show aired on September 22nd 1994 and gave some of the background on our six favourite people. Who would have thought that it would then go on to air a further 236 times.

Nearly 52m Americans tuned in to watch the last ever episode, making it the most watched TV show in American history. Here in the UK, Friends-mania swept the country with the series box-sets regularly selling out and being in the Top 10 best selling DVD’s and Videos virtually every Christmas that the show was still on television.

Everyone has a favourite Friends episode and mine is probably the time Ross had to try and get his new couch up the stairs into his apartment. The phrase PIVOT was used to its best potential and I just remember laughing like I have never laughed before whilst watching it. The crowning glory had to be Ross then trying to take the damaged sofa back and saying he did not like it. Comedy Gold.

Friends the TV show, we salute you!