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Offers last updated : 20 October 2017

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About Tesco

Tesco has become without a doubt a phenomenon. Second only to the American company Walmart in profit and revenue. This multinational corporation that specialises in retailing groceries now lays claim to over 6500 stores in Britain alone!

Tesco logo

However like most retail giants the conception of this mega business is much smaller. Founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen as a series of stalls selling surplus food at a market in Hackney London.

This progression and expansion lead to the broadening of the items on offer in the stores, while still predominantly specialising in groceries there are now ranges in furniture, clothes and even a Tesco mobile, Tesco car insurance and Tesco wine, which features wine by the case. The luxury grocery collection, Tesco Finest range is also a big hit with customers.

The Tesco customer loyalty card christened the clubcard was introduced in 1995 and gave the customers a chance to earn clubcard points and get rewards for using the store and online via the website where all you have to do is click and save money. You can also purchase gift cards for loved ones which can be used on anything from Tesco phones to Xbox consoles. 


Tesco supermarket

The 2000s saw much of the same from this supermarket goliath. The business continued to grow and expand, buying stores in Poland, America and Thailand. All the while ensuring it catered to every customer need, providing broadband services and Tesco bank.

There are many different formats in which the stores are presented around the country. Tesco Extra comprises of the largest Tesco store. You will find virtually any products in these hypermarkets.

Next you have the standard supermarket. There is at least one of these in every town or city in the UK and there are stocked extensively.

Tesco metro are found on town high streets or in the centre of cities. They are mini supermarkets and for obvious reason have a limited amount of choice. However they still offer the produced that most people are in need of day to day.

Tesco express are even smaller still and tend to be found in residential areas and villages. They more closely resemble convenience stores unlike their huge hyper store cousins.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there is also Tesco garages and Tesco homeplus, not to mention the branches that don’t come under the Tesco name such as one stop. There are always searching for more opportunities to expand ensuring that no one will have to worry about where to grab bread and milk from on the way home from work.

It doesn’t matter if your shopping online or popping off down the shops you will find tons of great deals and Tesco offers. The customers come first no matter if you are food shopping with Tesco groceries or redecorating the living room with Tesco Direct. Free delivery is also available on selected online shopping transactions.

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Opening hours and contact information

Many of the larger Tesco stores now open on a 24 hour basis with an approximate 9pm close on Saturday night. Sunday hours are then 10 till 4 and the store will open at 8am on Monday morning until Saturday rolls around again. 


Tesco opening times

The Tesco Metro and Express stores tend to be open from 6am until 11pm 7 days a week.

It is important to mention that there is regional alterations and alternative times for public holidays so it would be wise to have a quick double check online with the Tesco store finder so you don’t get disappointed.

If you need to get hold of Tesco for any reason you can always pop in store to talk to some of the well trained employees and use the website which is available 24 hours a day.

If you wish to contact the customer service team for any reason you will find the number by following this link.

Company registration

Tesco’s company registration number is No. 519500

Head office address

Tesco Stores Ltd,

New Tesco House,