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Hungry House

As the UK’s leading takeaway portal – they are much more than just a restaurant directory. It’s the convenient way to search through menus of every cuisine, read reviews and order online from a selection of restaurants. Order through HungryHouse and they will pass the order straight through to the selected restaurant immediately for preparation and delivery. If you’re a fan of HungryHouse, make use of the many deals and promo codes at Voucher Codes Pro, and make a saving on your next takeaway.

How to use

HungryHouse is an innovative way of searching through many local menus for restaurants and placing your order fast and effectively. First of all find the items/products you wish to buy, either direct from or by looking at the voucher codes on Voucher Codes Pro. Then click on the "reveal code" or "get deal" box on our site, and HungryHouse will open in a new window and the voucher will appear in the basket during the checkout process. If the code does not appear, paste it into the basket when checking out. And hey presto, you are a money saving hero!

Added 24/04/2014, Expires 30/04/2015

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Taste Tests allow customers to order from the best takeaways in town with a discount of 20% off the order, when trying a participating restaurant for the first time

Added 15/04/2014, Expires 31/07/2014

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We’ve spent months trawling through our data to find restaurants where the food is truly amazing and the service exceptional – hungryhouse wants to make sure every meal is a great meal, so it’s time to bring better food to the people!

Added 24/04/2014, Expires 30/04/2015

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Each time you order from a participating restaurant, you will receive a stamp. Once you have collected 5 stamps from that restaurant, you will receive a 50% discount off your next order. There is no minimum order value required to collect a stamp. Once you have cashed in the discount, you can begin collecting stamps again. This means that you will get half-off every 6th order from the same restaurant.

Added 17/09/2013, Expires 17/09/2014

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Looking for a great gift idea? How about giving someone special a relaxing night in with a home-delivered meal!

Hungryhouse makes it simple for you to give the gift of food by buying a voucher online.

Added 14/11/2013, Expires 13/11/2015

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Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular takeaway cuisines in the UK.  With long established Chinese communities in major cities such as Liverpool, Manchester and London the love of Chinese food has spread through the country.  Now with so much Chinese food on offer luckily hungryhouse is here to guide you through the fantastic choice and variety of Chinese takeaway available.

Added 17/09/2013, Expires 17/12/2015

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So what are you waiting for? Whether you want an entire Indian feast to be delivered to your door or you're just feeling peckish for some poppadoms, lassi or naan bread, with hungryhouse you are just a few clicks away from your delicious meal.

Added 17/09/2013, Expires 17/09/2015

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After working all day, the last thing you want to do is spend hours in the kitchen slaving away over a hot stove, therefore ordering a takeaway pizza would be a perfect solution to your dinner troubles as you can treat yourself to an all-out feast or share with flatmates, friends and loved ones.

Added 17/09/2013, Expires 17/09/2014

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Collect 5 stamps to receive a 50% discount off your next order

Added 14/11/2013, Expires 14/11/2015

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Just because you’ve been hard at work all day and haven’t got the time or energy to cook, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the full flavours and alluring taste of Thai cuisine. So what better way to taste the best of South-East Asian cuisine than with a Thai takeaway from hungryhouse?

Added 11/02/2014, Expires 31/12/2015

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You could, of course, attempt your own sushi, but if you're worried about your masterpiece collapsing and spilling out all over the floor, it might be better to leave it to the professionals. If you're not sure which sushi restaurant to order from why not let hungryhouse help you make that decision?

Added 30/05/2014, Expires 30/09/2014

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Hungry RIGHT NOW!! Then Get Food To Your Door Within 45 Minutes Or Your Next Meal Is On Hungry House!

Added 11/02/2014, Expires 31/12/2015

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At hungryhouse they recognise the importance of religious dietary requirements and therefore have a wide range of takeaways catering to halal which are clearly marked and can be found using the search filter. When those hunger pangs strike, come to hungryhouse's website and skip the step where you spend ages searching for dog-eared takeaway menus. Whatever halal dish you fancy be it a curry, a kebab, a're sure to find it on the hungryhouse platform.

Added 03/03/2014, Expires 31/12/2014

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Fish & chips are great with the sea breeze whipping your hair around and the seagulls squawking on lamp posts, but sometimes you want to be in the warmth of your house and that's where hungryhouse can be of service. No more turning the house upside down looking for out-of-date takeaway menus; just come to the site and start ordering!

Added 04/06/2014, Expires 01/08/2014

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Brazil! It’s almost here! A huge month of footy!

Added 02/05/2014, Expires 31/05/2015

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When you’ve just moved to a new area it can be a bit of a gamble trying to suss out your new local takeaways, but With Takeaway Reviews you can choose the right one for you.

About Hungry House

Hungry House is an online platform, a stage if you will that facilitates the speedy and stress free ordering off take-away foods. In this fast paced world this is very important and it is easy to see why this company is doing so well.

Hungry House logo

Founded in 2006 by Shane Lake and Tony Charles, this company is still a baby in terms of how long it has been around, however don’t let this fool you they know what they are doing and they do it very well.

Shane Lake and Tony Charles were both budding businessmen with ambitions to branch out and start their own business. This lead to a great many business ideas over the years. However this team shared one other thing in common, they both fancied themselves as foodies. So food was the natural answer.

After much discussion, research and the crunching of many numbers they decided to give Hungry House a whirl.

2007 saw the duo appear on the popular show Dragons Den in order to pitch for investments. Lake and Charles impressed from the start and offers were made that unfortunately fell through during the negotiation faze.

The attention that was generated during the appearance on the show had however impressed a few other people as well and it wasn’t long before more offers were banging down the doors.

The Hungry House website really is a one stop shop for all your take away needs. Simply entre your postcode into the search bar and an extensive list of restaurants near you will be provided. You can narrow your search by entering the type of food you wish to eat or alternatively browse through all the choices.

 The obligatory pizza and Chinese can be found along with restaurants that offer some more exciting options such as Bangladeshi and Caribbean. Whatever tickles you’re fancy on the night!

When the company was founded in 2006 there was a mere nine restaurant’s on the agenda, these were all in London. Stunningly in just eight years there is now well over 10,000 take-away shops to choose from all over the country.

2011 saw the Hungry House join forces with the Delivery Heroes Group. This Belgium based international company was born in 2011 and has the aim of becoming the biggest food delivery platform in the world. They are not far off this goal with over 55,000 restaurants in their massive worldwide network.

How to use Hungry House voucher codes

You can find many amazing deals and discounts to use with Hungry House in just a few easy steps. It’s easy when you know how.

Firstly find the Voucher Codes Pro website and entre Hungry House into the search bar that you will find at the top of the page. Click entre and watch the amazing deals unveil before your eyes. 

Hungry House voucher codes


Next have a browse through the website and find the tempting dinner that suits you that evening, click on the restaurant and pick your dishes. Yummy! When you head to the checkout you will be given a chance to enter your awesome voucher code.

You do not have to registrar with this website, however a word to the wise if you do sign up you will receive further discounts and offers so it is well worth it to do so.

All you have to do is sit and wait patiently for your dinner to arrive, harder than it sounds when your house is hungry.  You can even keep track of your order through the website.

While you have a little time before you chow down why not share your amazing deal with all your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. There must be many more hungry people out there debating over Chinese or Indian for tea tonight.

Social profiles and links




Google Plus-

Opening hours and contact information

The website is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. However the opening and closing times of all your

favourite restaurants will vary. Never fear all the information is waiting for you on the website and you will find that if the take away is closed it is labelled quite clearly so there is no confusion. The link for the website is shown above.

Some of the restaurants do offer a pre-order service where you can order your dinner when the shop is closed and it will picked up by the chef as soon as he get in. So you can order your dinner right after you finish your lunch if you want to. 

Pizza takeaway

If for any reason you need to contact the Hungry house team then don’t hesitate to do so. Their website offers a live chat window so you are never far from having your queries answered.

 You also have the option to ring the customer service team on 0800 612 3333 this line is available 24/7 and amazingly will make you aware of any wait on the line. If the wait is too long then you can sort out for the team to call you back. Why isn’t every customer service line offering this?

Company Registration number

Hungry house is registered in England and Wales. The company number is 4837025

Head office address

Chester House,

 Fulham Green,

 81-83 Fulham High Street,

 London, SW6 3JA.

Latest news

Most recently for Hungry house has been the move to the mobile section of the market. You can download apps for Hungry house on both Android and Apple phones.

 This means it is now easier than ever before to order your ideal meal with ease and comfort. You could be on your way home from work and place your order on the bus. This means you won’t have to wait a minute longer then you have to.

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