Do you ever feel like a spare part once the room begins to talk about a TV show that you’ve never seen before?

Does talk of dragons or meth making cancer patients go straight over your head? The Voucher Codes Pro office environment is a prime example for this.

Voices soon get lost in the crowd as the spoilers from each week’s episodes get thrown from one end to the other. All the while I’m sat thinking to myself, ‘surely not everyone has the time to sink so many countless hours into a 5 season long show’?!

I’m creating a shortcut for those lost voices.

I wanted to rid the world of these awkward group conversation moments. No one should have to plough 50 hours of their life into Breaking Bad to get the gist of what it’s all about.

I've been on a quest to round up the biggest shows and summarise them in 400 words or less.

Go one better and send me your best box set summaries in 140 characters or less on Twitter (@VCP_Joe) and I’ll share the best ones in the article!

spoiler alert

By the time you’re done reading these short synopsises, you’ll have enough TV knowledge behind you to join in any future debates. If you find someone being asked;

“Which show should I watch next”?

Confidently reply;

“If you like your show filled with stylishly shot guts and gore, give Hannibal a go. But be warned... Once you see food prepped to perfection by a gourmet cannibal chef, you’ll think twice about biting into your next leg of lamb”...

If you find yourself hungry for more, you can catch up with tons of great shows through Sky TV. With hundreds of classic box sets available at the click of a button; from all-time classics like The Wire, to modern greats like Game of Thrones.

Whether you’re watching from your smartphone, tablet, games console or PC, Sky Go and Now TV make sure you’ve always got something to watch.

Click on one of the box sets below and let’s do this.

game-thrones walking-dead orange-black penny-dreadful hannibal daredevil breaking-bad boardwalk-empire lost dexter

Go forth, my fellow box set virgins. Take what you have learned from this experiment and chip in on the next water cooler chinwag, armed with your trivia titbit or story shocker.

Whether you’re nodding your head in agreement about the level of violence in The Walking Dead or spoiling the ending of Game of Thrones, you’ll no longer be automatically set to mute.