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Offers last updated : 26 July 2017

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Money off from Argos!

One of the first shops that comes to mind, when shopping for Christmas or Birthday presents is Argos. This is a place where you can go to, to get a huge range of products in one place. When you need something electrical, practical, or to decorate the home and garden – there is a good chance that Argos will have what you are looking for!

When you are shopping for a range of goods, however, it can be expensive. Christmas time, for example, is one of the most expensive seasons in the calendar, and we could all do with a little financial aid when buying presents. This is where Voucher Codes Pro come in.

Voucher Codes Pro have been working tirelessly: finding customers discount on a long line of products so that you don’t have to. Stores such as Argos have offers on constantly, but it is easy to bypass these offers, when ignoring the constant list of advertisements that appear in our society today. Voucher Codes Pro recognise this, but work hard to get the offers back into your conscious memory so that you can still benefit from the wide selection of offers out there. Why not sign up and receive emails with Argos offers whenever they appear?

How to redeem

In order to take advantage of the great range of offers that can be had from Argos, follow the simple process below:

  1. Go on to the Argos website and find the product (or products) that you wish to purchase. You may not even need to do this – you might already know exactly what you are after! Either way, find the item on the Argos website first.
  2. Now go on to the Voucher Codes Pro website and type ‘Argos’ in to the text box which appears at the top of the screen. Here you will see a long list of offers that Voucher Codes Pro have found for you; all relating to offers from Argos.
  3. Find the offer that suits you best. Why not consider signing up to Voucher Codes Pro? You just need to fill in your email address, into the box that appears below the voucher, and you can start receiving regular offers from Argos (or a whole range of other companies).
  4. Click on the button that reads ‘click to get deal’ and you will be transferred to the necessary place that gets you (or instructs on how to get you) the discount.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete your purchase.

Finding Argos offers through Voucher Codes Pro could not be easier. We are proud to find discounts from companies like Argos, because they are one of the most widely-used stores on the high street today. Their brand has become huge, all over the world, and this may well be because of the ease with which you can buy the huge range of products from the store, and use their system. Whether you choose to buy in-store or online, there is a good chance that Argos will have what you are looking for! If you are wondering how Argos came about, read our brief history of the company, below.

History of Argos

Argos were founded in 1973 by Richard Thompkins. They are described as a ‘catalogue retailer’ and the ‘catalogue’ system is a big part of how the Argos service is used. When customers enter the store, they find a catalogue and the product code that they locate next to their chosen item is input into a form, where it is taken to the till to finalise the purchase.

In 1979, Argos was purchased by BAT industries and the company enjoyed many successful years of trading throughout the 1980s and 1990s. In 1990, Argos was listed on the London Stock Exchange, and the company grew exponentially.

In 1998, a company called GUS plc bought Argos and were owners of the store for nearly 20 years. As recently as 2016, interest in Argos continued and it was purchased by Sainsburys and is now labelled a ‘subsidiary’ of the public limited company who are one of the largest chain of supermarkets in England.

Argos currently has over 750 stores, and this is only part of the method of sales that they use. Millions of visitors each year use the Argos online service, and their ability to offer a same-day delivery service is an extremely attractive proposition to customers.

It would be too time-consuming to go in to the details of all the products Argos sell, but here are a few of the top products on the market currently.

Top products

The range of companies selling technological products makes the industry highly-competitive, and the Argos brand is a key competitor in the world of technology. They are often able to offer reduced-price items for a range of televisions, sound systems, gaming and computers / phones. Due to the ‘catalogue’ system of ordering, Argos make it easy for customers to enter the store, find what they are after, and walk out with the technological equipment within minutes!

Argos also provide a wide selection of toys from many of the top brands. This is, arguably, one of the reasons why they have become one of the first names on the high street when it comes to Christmas and birthday present shopping. It is easy to simply walk in to a store, complete an order form and walk out with the present in hand.

Other top products that Argos sell, include car accessories, cycling parts and camping equipment. They cover a range of items from the sports and leisure ‘niche’ and often offer sales on some top-brand items.

Argos also has a large selection of products for babies, such as cots, highchairs, monitors and walkers. This is an attractive proposition for parents who don’t have the time to go shopping around, trying to find the best deal.

It is, arguably, due to the wide variety of products that Argos sell, that make Argos so useful for the British high-street consumer who does not have time to shop around for everything they need; it is so much more practical for it to all be in one store. Even if you prefer to shop online, the online service allows you to buy items quickly and easily.