Is this how Facebook, Twitter, Apple & Windows Self-Driving Car Would Look?

16 April 2015

The future of the motoring industry is certainly promising these days, with technological advancements commonplace. Google has announced recently that it is developing driverless cars, which could be hitting our roads very soon. The cars will be mainly electric and the development is currently being led by Google engineer Sebastian Thrun. In May 2014, Google presented a new prototype of its driverless car, which didn’t have a steering wheel or any pedals. The fully functional prototype is being tested in the San Francisco Bay Area this year. Read more

How to Make Snow Globes

14 April 2015

Snow globes aren’t just for winter, people! Your kids will have fun making snow globes at any time of year, especially when they’re using their favourite figurines. If you feel you need to keep it traditional, using Frozen characters is a good idea but if you’re not too fussed you can use whatever you’ve got lying around the house. Read more

Active April

09 April 2015

Get out and about this month and celebrate Active April! We'll keep you updated with ideas and activities that the whole family can get involved in. Read more

Free Monster Spray Printable

07 April 2015

If your child/children are scared of the dark or wake up from nightmares regularly because of ‘monsters’ here’s a great idea that is so simple and effective. We’ve knocked up this ‘monster spray’ bottle which is filled with magical… water! Yes, it’s a bit of a placebo for little ones but it works in making them feel better. Read more

How to Make a Phone Number Bracelet

26 March 2015

This is definitely a fairly basic ‘how to’ but we think it’s a great idea. If your kids are going on a school trip or even if they’re not, getting them to wear a phone number bracelet is a simple but genius idea to keep them safe. Ideally, we would like to have used pre-numbered beads for this video but unfortunately our local Hobbycraft didn’t stock any! So instead we got creative and wrote numbers on wooden beads! Not quite as effective but they still do the job and we really wanted to get this idea out to you guys. Read more

Do These Images Show the Future of Payments?

26 March 2015

After a recent developments surrounding payment methods, such as the forthcoming Apple Pay, we were wondering what the future has in stall for the payment industry? Contactless payment is at the forefront at the moment, but surely this is just the start? Read more

Holiday Of The Month

20 March 2015

At Voucher Codes Pro, we love nothing more than a memorable holiday getaway. And this is why, every month of the year, we will add a new Holiday of the Month destination to this very article, to send you in reverie that could become reality. We hope you enjoy. Read more

How will these Celebs look when they are older?

17 March 2015

Nobody wants to get old! At least us mere mortals can do it in private though. Check out these poor celebrities who have made it their lives to be in the public gaze 24 hours a day - and see how they might be looking in a few years time! Read more

How to Make a Mother’s Day Cupcake Bouquet

10 March 2015

We know lots of you like to get crafty for Mother’s Day. While you can go out and buy a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates, there’s something much more personal about making something and this Mother’s Day, we’re showing you how to make this gorgeous cupcake bouquet. It’s much easier than you might think and fairly cheap to make too. Read more

Top 10 Mother's Day Gifts

09 March 2015

If you’re like me and totally unorganised, you will have just realised that Mother’s Day is in fact this Sunday on the 15th March. So, I think you'd better read on. I can assure you though, by the end of reading this, you’ll no longer be stuck for gift inspiration, because there’s plenty of lovely and thoughtful gifts for your mumma’s that will show her just how amazing she is. Read more