Money Making March

02 March 2015

If there is one sure fire way to make some extra cash when you’re feeling the pinch, it’s by selling things on eBay. You will be astonished at the kinds of things people sell and buy online, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure is so, so true. I use eBay on a fairly regular basis and always find myself surprised at what will sell, particularly when things I place little value on sell for a higher price than I ever expected. If you feel like you are surrounded by possessions that you don’t use anymore, it’s time to get eBaying! Read more

Why Holidaying in Jurassic Park Could Cost You an Arm and Leg

02 March 2015

Over nearly a century of cinema, audiences have been treated to a variety of fantastical, wonderful and outlandish movie locations. Everyone’s got their own favourite cinematic universe – it may be the snow-caped Narnia, the whimsical Neverland, or the sunny deserts of Luke Skywalker’s Tatooine. These worlds are so far removed from our own realities, it’s impossible not to be swept up into them, absorbed absolutely by these imaginative lands. If only these places could be real. Read more

Hot Technology in 2015

11 February 2015

Want to know what is gonna be hot in 2015? Check out our useful infographic and start saving your pennies. Based on the things coming - you are going to like 2015! Read more

Harry Potter in The Hunger Games

04 February 2015

Are you as obsessed with both The Hunger Games and Harry Potter like we are here at Voucher Codes Pro? Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Harry Potter teens had to participate in the The Hunger Games? Well we have… We’ve put together what we think each character’s training score would be including some of their strengths and weaknesses that may help or hinder in the arena. Let us know if you agree! Read more

Frugal February

02 February 2015

This February we’re thinking about all the ways you can save money by making a few changes here and there. The start of the year is always tight following Christmas, especially when your quarterly electric bill turns up (which you had definitely forgotten about), so it’s important to keep an eye on your finances and save where you can. Read more

Frugal February: Blogger's Money Saving Tips

01 February 2015

February is upon us and by now we are all feeling the pinch of Christmas combined with the long month of January (ouch my bank account hurts). The one good thing about this is that it makes us more aware of our finances and the need to sort them out. Which is why here at Voucher Codes Pro we decided to dub this month Frugal February, four weeks of money saving tips and ideas to help you stay in the black. Follow the whole campaign on Twitter here. We have also roped in some of the best frugal bloggers on the net to help you keep your savings where they should be this month. Check out some of their incredible tips. Read more

The Ultimate TV & Video Glossary

21 January 2015

With the technology continually developing, the mass of TV and video terms are getting rather bloated. Fear not though, every term you’ll ever need to look up and understand is right here! This is the definitive resource on the web. Read more

How to Decorate Hair Clips With Nail Polish

21 January 2015

Less of a tutorial more of an idea you might not have had (because it’s fairly self-explanatory!) but here’s a video your little girl will love. As a child I was big on collecting nail varnish and I also loved a bit of creativity, so one day I decided it would be fun to paint hair clips with said nail varnish. With all the colours of the rainbow, metallic shades and glitter nail polish, there’s lots of scope for creating the most envied hair grips in all the land! Read more

How to Make Gloop - Video Tutorial

14 January 2015

It can be really hard to think of ways to keep the kids busy at weekends or on rainy days when you can’t just shut them out in the garden (just joking). So we’ve been working on a range of rainy day activities that are cheap, simple and most importantly, fun! You can find these ideas on our YouTube channel Voucher Codes Pro but while you’re here, take a look at how to make gloop! Read more

Easy Christmas Gingerbread Cookies Recipe

19 December 2014

One of our favourite things to do at Christmas is festive baking. There’s nothing more festive and fun than gingerbread and this easy gingerbread cookie recipe is perfect to wrap and give as gifts or even to hang on the tree. It gives a nice crunchy biscuit and they will keep for two weeks. Caitlin and Tracy show you how to make the gingerbread and William and Caitlin show some fun ways to decorate them. Have a watch of the video and then get baking! Read more