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Affordable Public Transport with Eurolines

Public transport is the most economically friendly way of travelling, helping save the environment whilst getting you to your destination. At times people choose to choose alternative forms for transport, mainly down to cost of travel or timetable plans.

Eurolines help combat both issues in one amazing swoop, offering fantastic timetables across Europe taking you from location to location in a timely manner. Their prices are always really reasonable as well, especially with their discount cards and travel passes.

The best thing about Eurolines is that you’re not restricted! You can choose from so many amazing countries all over Europe to visit with a simple browse and book system. As long as there is availability, you can just browse, click and book.

There are always great reasons to visit various cities abroad, whether it is a festival in Croatia, an event in Bulgaria. It may even be a case that you want to do some serious shopping, but fed up of the same local shops and fancy a change! Avoid the airport and drive, simply book through Eurolines so you can watch the scenery flow straight past you.

It’s not all about European travelling though, you can always look closer to home and book a trip within the UK! You can be connected to stunning cities including London, Canterbury, Bristol, Cardiff, plus many more.

Booking your Seasonal break through Eurolines is always a great idea. A popular one has to be a trip up to Edinburgh over Christmas, or a summer week away in Cardiff Bay. The opportunities area endless, making your bucket list of cities to visit that little bit more achievable.

Along with their great travel options, Eurolines will also help with various travel information including pass info, visa details and will even show you great options for hotels and accommodation. They provide interactive maps of countries included in their portfolio, giving you inspiration for your next holiday or trip.

Voucher Codes Pro help promote all of Eurolines offers, discounts, codes and price points so you can save money on your travel arrangements when you book.

Follow the simple ‘How to’ guide below, to help you book your trip with ease and at the best price.

How to redeem a voucher

It is so easy to save money on your travel arrangements when you book online through Eurolines. If you follow these simple steps you can save even more on your next trip.

  • Have a look at the website This is the ideal place to find an up to date list of travel vouchers and special offers giving you incredible savings.
  • Towards the top of the page you will find a search box, type in ‘Eurolines’ and enter.  This will bring ten voucher codes and offers, all available at Eurolines.
  • A green box that says ‘Show all Codes and visit Eurolines’ will be available to click. This will open the Eurolines website in a fresh window.
  • Now it’s time to book, just choose what route you want to take, and the time you want to go and then add it to the shopping basket. It is at this point where you may have to enter the redemption code if required.
  • Codes are typically a mixture of letters and numbers such as ‘EUROLINES30’ and should be copied and pasted as seen.
  • Follow the booking process on the Eurolines website to complete your transaction. If you have already booked with Eurolines before, this may be quicker as it will already have saved your details.

At Voucher Codes Pro we check the Eurolines page on a regularly so that we can make sure we have the very best offers, voucher codes and promotions ready for you at any time.


Eurolines was founded back in 1985 and has since grown into a network of 29 coach companies spanning all over Europe. Their headquarters are based in Brussels, whilst their coach services operate over 48 cities and have a ridership of over 4 million.

Before they turned into Eurolines, the company started off as a Rail Replacement Service back in 1948, created by Heinz Thomae. It wasn’t until the 50s that it started taking passengers and offering holiday and special transport.

In the 60s they went international and incorporated schools and company transport to their portfolio.

20 years later, moving swiftly into the 80s the company had become market leaders in international transport before their formal brand change into Eurolines in the 90s. The growth of Eurolines and how it has developed into the brand really shows that they know what they are talking about, not only via their customer service skills, but their professional knowledge on locations.  

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According to Belgian law, Eurolines are a non-profit organisation, who run a series of networks all over Europe.

Sometimes luggage can be a bit of an issue when going abroad, especially when you have a big family. A suitcase feels like it gets smaller when you have to contain the entire toy collection for your baby/toddler. Eurolines will allow their customers to take 2 medium size suitcases per adult, giving you so much more than if you were travel by air, or even by car depending on number of adults travelling.

For each country they offer snippets of information about their culture and traditions. This will help you explore and enjoy a different way of living and fit in properly each time you go away. There are certain changes that you will face from country to country, this helps prepare you properly whilst educating and enlightening you to a different world.

The environment is very important to Eurolines, they believe that coach travel is the most environmentally friendly way of travelling. The main reason is that it takes their customer base off the roads and refrains them from using their own cars, or hire cars. 1 bus worth of emissions is so much healthier than 15 cars travelling on the road. If more people booked bus travel this would drastically help reduce carbon emissions. They have launched their ‘We’re in this together’ campaign, pushing this message of making the climate better helping focus people’s minds to make our world a better place.