Food and Drink Voucher Codes and Discounts

Food is one of those wonderful things in life that can bring us instant joy, we love it! Discovering new tastes and sensations is a delight as nailing the flavours in your own kitchen when trying an unfamiliar recipe.

Mixing food with drink is how we Brits like to celebrate be it a birthday, promotion or just because payday is finally here we indulge by ordering our favourite meal and pair it with a full bodied bottle of wine (or whatever your tipple happens to be).

Although going out is great nothing is quite as good as getting all your ingredients and cooking a dish from scratch. The pride you feel when you know you’ve mastered it and the glass of wine you have to toast your success gives you a lovely warm glow.

However even staying in and cooking whilst sharing a bottle can be costly which is why we recommend checking out our food and drink category for discounts on your wine merchants and supermarkets.

Half Price Offers at Morrisons Groceries Click to get Deal

Ends 31 August 2017

Lots of seasonal half price offers!

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£50 Off Your Second, Third, Fourth & Fifth Waitrose Shops Click to get Deal

Ends 29 November 2016

Min spend of £100 applies. Orders must be placed for delivery by 30 November 2016 to qualify for this offer

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Half Price On Selected Tesco Groceries Click to get Deal

Ends 22 December 2016

Half price offers on selected Tesco Groceries. 

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600+ Retro Childhood Sweets to Choose From at A Quarter Of... Click to get Deal

Ends 27 July 2017

Will you choose Fizzers, drumstick lollies, fudge bars, chocolate mice or.... all available at A Quarter Of...

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£20 Off Your First Ocado Online Shop Plus Free Delivery Click to get Code

Ends 27 November 2016

When you spend £80 or more on your first Ocado online shop

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Up to 33% Off Selected Wines at Majestic Wine Click to get Deal

Ends 23 November 2016

When you mix any six of selected wines, Champagne or spirits.

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Up to 50% off Selected Groceries at ASDA Click to get Deal

Ends 14 January 2017

Look no further for the freshest products!

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Sale From £10 at Funky Hampers Click to get Deal

Ends 17 December 2016

Prices have been slashed in this sale at Funky Hampers!

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Save up to 25% off at Weight Watchers Click to get Deal

Ends 30 October 2016

Hurry up before it's too late.

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Save up to 50% off Tesco Wines online exclusives Click to get Deal

Ends 25 March 2017

Try something a little special from Tesco Wine with their online exclusives. 

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Free £40 Gift When You Complete Your First Two Shops at Waitrose Click to get Deal

Ends 02 December 2016

Shop online twice at Waitrose, and apply the respective voucher codes (1st shop code - AQ3GCD1, 2nd shop code - AQ3GCD2) to receive a free £40 gift card to spend in John Lewis or Waitrose. T&Cs apply.

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Free Ocado Delivery Click to get Deal

Ends 01 October 2017

Save money on your Ocado delivery by getting yourself a smart pass for your grocery shopping.

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Delivery from £1.99 at Funky Hampers Click to get Deal

Ends 11 October 2054

Get your goods for as little as £1.99.

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£60 Off Most Popular Wines + Free Delivery & 2 Free Stemless Glasses at Laithwaites Wines Click to get Deal

Ends 10 November 2016

Plus a refund if you're not satisfied. You've nothing to loose at Laithwaites Wines.

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Standard Delivery From £3.95 at Hotel Chocolat Click to get Deal

Ends 31 October 2016

Ideal for home delivery of non-urgent orders!

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10% better off when you use the Asda Price Guarantee Click to get Deal

Ends 19 April 2017

If Asda are not 10% cheaper grocery shopping they'll give you the difference

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Deals, Half Price Offers & More at Morrisons Groceries Click to get Deal

Ends 26 January 2017

All the very latest and current deals at Morrisons in one place!

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Unlimited Tesco Groceries Deliveries On Orders Over £40 with The Tesco Delivery Saver Click to get Deal

Ends 30 March 2017

There's no need to spend tons on delivery when you shop with Tesco. 

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Free UK Standard Delivery On All Orders Of 6 Bottles Or More at Majestic Wine Click to get Deal

Ends 31 May 2017

Majestic Wines deliver six bottles or more for free. Isn't it time they came to yours?

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£0 Sign Up Fee On All Weight Watchers Plans Click to get Deal

Ends 15 November 2016

Plus a free Weight Watchers cookbook (worth £7.95)

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Delivery from just £1.99 with A Quarter of... Click to get Deal

Ends 24 January 2017

Delivery charges will be calculated and displayed at the checkout.

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5% Off Your First Order When You Sign-Up at Drink Supermarket Click to get Deal

Ends 16 November 2016

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Gifts Under £10 at Funky Hampers Click to get Deal

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Pay less than a tenner for each of these gift hampers!

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The Big Students Event at Morrisons Groceries Click to get Deal

Ends 17 December 2016

Don't miss one-stop-shop for student essentials.

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25% Off When You Purchase 6 Bottles Or More at Tesco Click to get Deal

Ends 31 October 2016

Enjoy 25% off 6 or more bottles of wine including; sparkling wines, kosher wines, fortified wines, champagne, and 75cl wines priced over £4.16.

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15% Discount On 1 Month Weight Watchers Plans Click to get Deal

Ends 29 October 2016

Plus free sign-up fee at Weight Watchers

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Asda Delivery From Only £1 Click to get Deal

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Minimum spend required at Asda

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Free Delivery When You Spend £60 Or More Online at Waitrose Click to get Deal

Ends 21 July 2017

Simply spend £100 or more online at Waitrose and get it delivered for free.

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Save Over £60 On Laithwaites Wine Plans Click to get Deal

Ends 21 May 2017

Find your perfect plan at Laithwaites Wines and enjoy saving buckets of cash.

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Up to 40% off Special Offers at Tesco Wine Click to get Deal

Ends 15 April 2017

Grab a bargain of your favourite drink!

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Food and drink

Hands up if you love to eat and drink! Food and drink options have endless possibilities and can be tailored to suit everybody (after all, we all have to eat right), from low calorie to gluten free, binge worthy to vegetarian. What’s your diet like? 

Hear at voucher codes pro we love our food and there is always a cheeky pack of hobnobs hiding on someone’s desk, we are also passionate about saving money and the weekly food shop is one of the best examples of how we can help the people of Britain save money long term rather than just with a one off purchase.

A brief history of food and drink

The first humans- Picture this, the dawn of time and cavemen are running around, clueless with crude weapons in an attempt to get their hands on a gigantic woolly mammoth. Then fire is invented and food gets a little better. 

The Egyptians- One word, boring! These feline loving people sustained themselves primarily on a diet of bread and beer, now I’m not complaining about the beer but the bread was so full of sand from the dessert that over time teeth were just worn away! No thanks.

Medieval times- ah, the time of feasting was upon us during this period, every little victory and celebration was paired with food and drinks, lots of it. These guys knew how to party!

The Victorians- The food during this time was rich and plentiful for the rich and plain and boring for the poor. However the good old English institution, tea, was now widely available. So at least all could enjoy a nice cup of rosy.

The War- Not a good time for a food lover such as yourself to be living in Britain I’m afraid. However despite the low supplies the rationing was a success and no one went hungry.

The Fifties- The first food delivery service was introduced in Chicago, bringing pizza right to the people, it wasn’t long before others followed suit. Yummy!

Today- We live in a bountiful and cultured time’s ladies and gents! Today the supermarkets are open 24 hours a day and you can have anything delivered to your door with a few clicks. Specialties from every corner of the globe can be cooked up in your living room with the help of Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson. Yes we have access to more ingredients and knowledge than ever before! I’ll raise a toast to that any day!


Our retailers


Tesco logo

This gargantuan retailer began its life as a humble market stall in the east end of London, ran by Jack Cohen. It didn’t take long for this business to thrive and now it has 3300 stores in the UK alone, these premises are made up of megastores and Tesco metros and provide employment for 310,000 colleges. Great deals can always be found in store and online and the introduction of the Clubcard in 1996 means you can now get fantastic discounts whenever you enter the store.


Ocado logo

The first of its kind, this supermarket operates solely online. Their story began in 2000 so this company is still fairly new, however that hasn’t hindered them and right now over 150,000 households have their shopping delivered by Ocado every week. The website is chock full of half off offers, multi-buy deals and the smart pass means your delivery charges are considerably less.

Majestic Wines

Majestic wine logo

 The year was 1980, the place, London’s green wood. This is where majestic wines was born, with just a single shop. Since that day this expert wine merchants has expanded at amazing speed and now boosts well over 150 stores nationwide. A new website was introduced in 2013 and it is wonderfully designed to ensure the customer always finds what they want. The more bottles you buy the biggest savings you are likely to make so get your party hats out.


What is going to be hot this season?

It’s a monster mash

Halloween is on the horizon and that means one thing to any foodie, Pumpkins! This orange gourd signifies more than just the scariest holiday of the year, it also nods its head to the colder weather. This means root vegetables, soups, dumplings and drinks that are mulled to perfection. Check out this little recipe, combining three of the best autumn staples, pumpkins, beer and pie!


Drunken pumpkin pie

Halloween themed pie

This warming beauty is a wonderful concoction of deep dark ale, fresh seasonal pumpkins and of course crumbly buttery pastry. Make it spooky by popping jack-o-lantern features on top of the pie using leftover dough or just enjoy a bit of craving for the kids. This pie goes down a treat with a nice beer, again use the leftovers.

Keep an eye out here for some templates as they are on the way to the site! Find the ingredients and recipe here.

Remember remember!

Bon fire night is always hot on the heels of Halloween and for good reason! This holiday is all about friends and fun. Children and adults alike, surrounding this giant pyre, waiting for fireworks and becoming entranced by the flames. All wrapped up warm against the late autumnal winds. This chilling celebration needs a warming snack, something you can clutch close to thaw those fingers.

A blooming good chilli

Chili for bonfire night 

This night need a dish that can sooth you from the inside with heat coming from the flavour and not simply the temperature! Chilli is the perfect one pot wonder, served in bowls you can hold and with cheeky dashes of both coffee and beer to ensure jack frost is far from your mind in no time, It’s all about guy Fawkes really! Find the recipe here.

Deck the halls

Oh Christmas time, if there is one time of year that is pretty much all about food this is it. Christmas dinner is a military operation and I don’t think you really grasp this concept until you become a mum. All the prepping, planning shopping and then cooking, and that’s just the food, never mind all the gifts, games and decorations.

So, the day has gone off without a hitch. The little ones are content to play with their new found treasures and the men are sleeping through the Queens speech, but a mother’s work is never done and you know they will all be peckish in a few hours. What do you do?

Turkey noodle soup

Turkey soup

Maybe not the most traditional of Christmas day suppers, although if we are being honest with ourselves we all just dish up a second dinner. This soup is light, yummy and perfect with some warm buttery bread to soak up the juices. Be sure to leave enough room for another mince pie and a glass of red wine. Here is the recipe.

All the ingredients for these recipes can be found with the above mentioned retailers.

Let’s eat!

Blogs that may interest you!

Unfortunately there are currently no food blogs live on the site, our resident foodie keep lapsing into food comas and hasn’t got round to it yet, we can assure you lots of research is being conducted though so keep your eyes peeled and your mouths open.

For more inspiration you can always pop to our Pinterest page Yummy and have a browse.